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  • Improved tractive effort
  • Locomotive repowers result in increased horse power on the same frame
  • Latest engine technology up to 4200bhp
  • Advanced control system technology including wheel slip, idle limiting and telematics reporting
  • Easy to deploy world wide


  • Substantial increase in fuel savings
  • Dramatic reduction in overall costs
  • Accelerated ROI
  • Repower in weeks not months using standard maintenance skills


  • Repower your locomotive with SRT technology and meet current EPA Tier 3 requirements
  • Meets EU 3B and 3A requirements
  • Up to 90% reduction in emissions
  • Lowest noise emissions in its class
  • Cleanest technology in its class

Our Commitment to Quality

We constantly strive to innovate and provide solutions for serious problems, with the goal to cut cost - not quality, to improve by simplifying, and to move faster than our competitors.

Our aim is to connect to the customer’s needs, fill the gap between problems and solutions with an elegant, yet simple and cost conscious product. We do so by employing people who think first, and act decisively.

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